Founded in 1983, SW Systems provides a wide range of Information Technology consulting and professional services for the healthcare industry. We cater to the needs of clients such as community hospitals, clinics and physician practices.

The company was founded by Rick Groves in the early 80’s with an initial focus on custom programming for small businesses. As the computer age evolved, so did the business model, with a shift to providing support and services to primarily local, state, and federal government entities. During the 90’s our custom security software was in use by a number of major universities and government entities, such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In the mid 90’s the company began transitioning to providing services for the healthcare industry. Rick recognized the need for specialized support in small rural healthcare organizations and the shortage of qualified companies who could fill the gap. Over the next several years SW Systems evolved again, expanding healthcare IT services and building a team to support those clients.

Today the company provides robust solutions and support for a wide range of healthcare specific applications and healthcare specific hardware. Contact us today about providing the services your organization needs at a cost to fit your budget.