Survey Services

Data Extraction and Analytics from Paper Surveys

The SW Systems solution for surveys, such as patient satisfaction surveys or employee surveys, provides the best of both digital analytics and paper capture of information. Unlike many areas of our digital world, paper surveys continue to offer the highest rate of return for patient, customer or employee surveys. With a business focus on healthcare IT related services and support, patient satisfaction surveys are a cornerstone of our service. Of course, we can provide these services for just about any business type. Paper is NOT dead!

The biggest challenge for getting usable patient satisfaction data is the return rate. A typical online survey return rate can vary from 3% to 15% based on industry reports. With such a small sampling of your patients the data is of little value. Frequently you only get responses from those who are very happy or those are very unhappy. The results are inconclusive at best and possibly invalid at worst. It is virtually impossible to make good decisions based on incomplete data.

Our clients consistently report higher return rates on paper surveys than the online alternative. In fact, many report response rates of 50%, 60% or even higher.

The major challenge with paper surveys is getting the data from paper to a digital format which will allow for aggregating and analyzing. This is where we come to the rescue.

We make the process easy by:

  • Creating the paper survey forms to your specifications. We can even make suggestions on survey questions.
  • Capturing any handwritten comments or other handwritten fields in a separate report.
  • Applying analytics to provide you with a variety of reports designed to fit your needs.
  • We can provide you with a copy of the raw data files and original image files when needed.

Survey Sample

Our survey reports are customized to fit your company’s individual needs. Each report is made with your logo and color scheme and available in digital and print format.

Survey Sample

This example shows our Pie Chart Report, which is our most popular. The customized colors and layout make it easy to read.

How It Works

We make it easy for you to capture relevant survey data in digital format using paper forms. The first step is to provide us with the basic information on your needs.

  1. Determine the number of surveys you wish to perform per year. It may be once a month, once a quarter, or at any other regular or irregular interval. We’ll provide you with a simple form for information on how you want your survey structured.

  2. Provide us with this information and an estimate on the number of responses you expect for each survey.

  3. We will design each survey form to your specifications and provide you with a copy for approval. We can provide input and assistance in development including suggestions for questions. You can include sections for handwritten text such as name or comments.

  4. Print copies of the final copy, distribute, and collect the completed surveys.

  5. Send us the surveys and we’ll do the rest! We use customized state of the art Optical Mark Recognition software with automatic error checking and image capture.

  6. Receive the results in a variety of report formats of your choice. Handwritten information such as comments will be provided as image data in a separate report.

We can provide you with raw data and images files as well as providing aggregate reporting across multiple surveys and analytics to fit just about any specifications you can conceive.

The Bottom Line

  • Usable, relevant data in a digital format
  • Customizable reporting with almost unlimited options
  • High response rate using paper surveys
  • The tools you need to analyze responses and identify the needs of your patients, employees, etc.

Click below to download our Survey Services Worksheet