Healthcare Information Technology - It's what we do

In today’s healthcare environment, information technology (IT) plays a key role in virtually every aspect of operations. For typical businesses, a mission critical application can be identified as one upon which the operation of the business is dependent. In the healthcare industry the well-being of the patients and even the very lives of the patients are often dependent on those mission critical applications. The nature of the business demands that your IT department be more than well-versed in IT. They must be fluent in the terminology, workflow and highly specific demands of an ever-changing and highly regulated field. SW Systems provides a level of service to meet those demands.

Healthcare, on its own, is a complex industry. IT, on its own, is also a complex industry. When the two merges that level of complexity is compounded. No longer is it sufficient to only provide standard IT services such as client-server support, helpdesk support, hardware or productivity software support.

The needs of your healthcare organization demand in-depth knowledge and experience across the entire spectrum of services you provide. For smaller rural providers this can be even more difficult to achieve. You are challenged with providing a high level of service while meeting the same level of requirements and standards as large urban facilities and to do so with minimal staff and budget.

SW Systems is uniquely qualified to provide the services you need. With over 35 years in the IT business and over 20 years with a focus on rural healthcare IT specifically, we offer a full range of services to meet the needs of your organization.


EHR Consulting

Electronic Health Record EHR consulting, specializing in eCW and CPSI Evident.

Meaningful Use/MIPS

Support for meeting objectives and attestation including Promoting Interoperability and ACO groups.

Risk Assessment

Full comprehensive HIPAA risk assessment with options to assist you with conducting your own risk assessment.

Data Extraction, Conversion and Analytics

In this digital age, data generated by medical records needs to be put to practical use. Our data extraction, conversion and analytics services do just that.

Survey Sample

Our survey reports are customized to fit your company’s individual needs. Each report is made with your logo and color scheme and available in digital and print format.

Survey Sample

This example shows our Pie Chart Report, which is our most popular. The customized colors and layout make it easy to read.